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    "Smooth and easy approach of the sales consultant Mr Arunkumar D, is really impressive and unforgettable." The cleanliness of the dealership facility,knowledge and behaviour of the sales consultant was also appreciated. Overall car purchase experience was rated 10 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest).
    Ms Rathi Prabha S
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    "Everything is fine, continue the same good service. Hoping to get the same response during the after sales service also." The welcome and greetings extended by Chandra Hyundai and the on time delivery with all the commitments fulfilled were acknowledged by the customer. The overall car purchese experience was also rated the highest.
    Mr Ram Kumar
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    "Excellent & Valuable service. please keep it up and requesting the same support in the future". The fast, easy and clearly explained paperwork with an excellent test drive experience was welcomed. The overall car purchase experience was appreciated.
    Mr K S Sree Kumar
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    "It will be better to do the test drive in freeway/highway to check the driveability." The car features, warranty and service schedule were explained to the customer and we were very happy with the on time car delivery with all the commitments fulfilled.
    Mr Mohamad Shafi S F
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    "Company takes more initiative, customers who are coming from other vehicle family." Sales consultant Mr Shivakumar made the overall car purchase experience a very memorable one for the customer.
    Mr Sreenivasan
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    Very excellent service & nice hospitality.Thanks chandra...
    Raj prabhu